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5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Copywriting is an essential skill of any online marketer. Your ability to write good copy can determine the make or break of your business. When used correctly, can increase your conversions and bring your massive profits. However, if you commit these common mistakes, you will sabotage your business. Here’s 5 mistakes you should avoid.

-Not addressing your audience. Remember, the person reading your copy is a human being. Hence, treat your audience with respect and talk to them as though you would be talking to a friend on the phone. Always start your message with a “Hi friend” or simple greeting to let them know that there is a human connection.

-Selling too hard, too fast. How would you like it if you started your copy with “Don’t buy this and you ears will fall off!” Instead, try starting your copy by trying to relate with your audience’s problems and perhaps talk a little about yourself before going into the benefits of the product. Remember, in the long run the soft sell always wins.

-Screaming into their face. Talking about some crappy headlines, one that comes to mind is the headline with EVERY SINGLE LETTER IN CAPS. This is not just bold, it’s literally screaming in their face and nobody likes that. Instead, only use capitals for the first letter of each word.

-Using long spammy looking affiliate links in your email copy. Nobody trusts weird looking links, your best bet would be to use a link cloaker or a link shortening service such as or

-Talking like a robot. Nobody likes to listen to a machine. Instead, use a casual tone when dealing with your customers, it’s more human-like.

In short, avoid these mistakes and you’ll be on the right path to copywriting success!