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Handling objections: The Key To Boosting Conversions

Handling objections: The Key To Boosting Conversions

Handling objections is an integral skill of good copywriting. It is extremely important in sales copy where the words your choose can make or break in your profits. Remember, in your sales letter your ultimate goal is to remove words that don’t contribute to a sale and add in words that do! The best way to find out what works is to test and tweak, and measure your results.

So what is handling objections? Objections are little things that go on in the mind of your subscribers when you are hard selling them (or soft selling) on your sales page. It is their little defences that prevent them from parting with their money.

The important thing is this, handle these objections and you’ll make money. It’s that simple. Here’s some useful techniques for handling objections:

-Testimonials. The first thing people look for in a product is reviews. If people have tried it and gave good reviews about it, they would be more likely to test your product.

-FAQ section. FAQ section is extremely useful in handling any product related queries or doubts which may pop up in your readers heads.

-Money back guarantee. I can’t stress enough how important is this. This would ultimately alleviate all fears of getting cheated by a lousy product after parting with their money.

-Post script or (P.s) – Allows you to add last minute comments or call to actions which would entice them to make that final decision to purchase your product.

-More testimonials. One is good but if you got 3 or 4 different reviews on your product, the more chance you have making a sale.The more the better!

In short, the basis of a high converting salescopy falls to your ability to handle objections. Manage these objections well, and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank.