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How to create a sense of urgency to boost conversions

How to create a sense of urgency to boost conversions

Emotions play an extremely important role in online marketing. In the offline world, you can use body cues and verbal cues to excite emotions to get sales. But in the online world, you have to use the power of copywriting.

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the best ways you can increase your conversions. It must be used concurrently with other copywriting methods to stir up the emotions in your audience. There are many ways you can create a sense of urgency, which I will share below:

Time sensitive offers. This is probably one of the oldest, yet most effective ways to create a sense of urgency. Tell your readers that this launch is only up for 48 hours, of better still, for added impact, include a countdown timer onto your page.

Limited copies available. I love this. Tell them that only 50 copies will be made available and possibly strike out 50 to become 48 upon announcing. As the launch goes on, you may further reduce the number of copies made available.

Excite the emotions of greed and fear. These two emotions are extremely powerful. The human mind does things based on the pain pleasure principle, which is to do things that would bring them pleasure and avoid things that will bring them pain.

Make purchasing your product before your launch closes the more pleasurable thing they could ever do and show them the pain of losing out on tons of money by not getting your product before their competitors do. This is a sure-fire way to boost sales.

In short, you’ll have to use these time sensitive cues and urgency creating methods to give your readers that extra push to make a decision that is to invest in your product.